Monday, February 11, 2013

How to View a Process' Threads in KD

In KD you have already:
  1. Found the process you were looking for
  2. And, set the context to that process
How do you look at the threads of that given process?  In windbg, you can type something like ~* kn to show the stacks of the process you are debugging.  That doesn't work in a KD.  How can you do something similar in KD?  You can use .process to show you detailed information about the threads in a process

!process ffffe00002d0a940 7 <= will show the stacks and detailed information about the process ffffe00002d0a940's threads

If you are only interested in the current process, then -1 should be specified.

!process -1 7 <= will show the threads from the current process' context

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