Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making Your Function Discovery (FD) Provider Run In Proc

I was looking through my basic FD provider sample that I wrote a few months ago and realized that I can't directly publish it on the Internet. I don't want to provide a sample that doesn't do anything real, so I will need to rewrite a new provider sample that publishable and is realistic. In the mean time, if you want to push ahead and try writing your own provider, it is actually not that hard. First, you need to do the standard things for making a new DLL: DLLMain, DLLGetClassObject, implement IClassFactory, et cetera. Then, you need to implement IFunctionDiscoveryProvider. That is it. Well, to get it to work, you will also have to make the proper registrations (hint: use the in box providers registry keys as an example). The second problem will be that your provider will have to implement all of the PnPX stuff to be loaded out of proc because FD will only load known providers inproc by default. If you want to ship a provider, pnpx should be your end game especially if you are doing network type providers. While you are learning the basics, there is a trick to get your FD client to load your non pnpx provider inproc. Note, this is done on the client or provider consumer side. This is how you would do that. I will try to provide a complete sample later if time permits.

hr = pPnpQuery->AddQueryConstraint(

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