Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Posting Source Code in Blogger

It looks like blogger does not have a good built-in way to post code which is lame since this blog is supposed to be about code. For my last post I used a <pre> tag so the code didn't get foobared. The <pre> tag tells your browser to use a fixed width font and preserve the spacing. I supposed that is the easiest fix, and I will go with it for now.

Googling I found this (santaxhighlighter) other solution that looks more robust. I will do all of the santax highlighting and what not. It looks like it could be nice, but more overhead and annoyance.

I guess I could also use something like Word 2007 to publish to Blogger along with all of its bloated html.

It would be great if Blogger just provided a code mode.


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